JOMO is a longtime partner in a wide range of branches. Its customers can be found in key industries such as machine and plant engineering, mining, the agricultural and railway industry, and the automotive industry.

Efficient and environmentally friendly products for contemporary agriculture and forestry.

Agriculture & Forestry

We offer an extensive range of products and systems that suit the challenging environment of the aerospace industry.


Optimum performance in complex conditions.


Solutions for the energy mix of the future.

Energy Management

Expertise in processes and materials to ensure the highest product safety standards.

Food Chain Processing

Efficient solutions for smooth material logistics.

Material Handling

Complete solutions for a wide range of practical requirements.

Mechanical & Plant Engineering

High-end technologies for optimum safety and efficiency.


Efficient printing processes for optimum results.


Tailor-Made solutions for both onshore and offshore.

Ships, Ports & Sea

Innovative solutions for a safe mobility.

Two Wheelers

Innovative Solutions for the Cars of the Future.

Passenger Cars