Open Timing Belt

HTD3M, HTD5M, HTD8M, HTD14M, HTD20M, STD2M, STD3M, STD4.5M, STD5M, STD8M, STD14M, RPP3M, RPP5M, RPP8M, RPP14M are applied to automatic door systems and linear reciprocating drives. Provide a series of specifications and length options such as trapezoidal teeth and circular arc teeth.

Product description

The open timing belt is divided into neoprene and polyurethane two material structures. It is the best choice for a cost-effective and low-maintenance transmission system, suitable for linear motion, positioning and logistics applications. The model and specification of the rubber open timing belt are the same as those of the single-sided toothed timing belt. It is cut spirally by a large-scale mold, so the bandwidth is limited to less than 25mm , and the actual length can reach 100-200 meters.

Features Advantages

Glass fiber, steel wire, and kevlar cords provide high tensile strength, superior bending performance, and ultra-low elongation, and steel cords can be used in some industries that require a relatively stable length of open timing belts.

Neoprene, thermoplastic polyurethane two kinds of material structure can effectively prevent dust, grease, oil and gas pollution.

Nylon tooth base cloth can make the open timing belt more wear-resistant, thus prolonging the service life of the belt.

Lubrication-free, maintenance-free, and no secondary tensioning required.

Supply Features

Rubber split timing belt

Spiral cutting, with a width of less than 25mm

The minimum order quantity is at least 1 mold of natural length

Polyurethane split timing belt

The PU open synchronous belt can be connected into a circular synchronous belt, and the tooth surface can be added with green elastic cloth

Continuous length, the maximum width of the open timing belt is 150mm

Tooth type


Tooth pitch

tooth height

with thick

T tooth MXL 2.032 0.51 1.22
XL 5.08 1.27 2.3
L 9.525 1.91 3.6
h 12.7 2.29 4.3


Arc tooth

3M 3 1.22 2.4
5M 5 2.06 3.6
8M 8 3.36 5.8
14M 14 6.02 10


Arc tooth

S2M 2 0.76 1.36
S3M 3 1.14 2.3
S5M 5 1.91 3.4
S8M 8 3.05 5.3
S14M 14 5.30 10.2


Arc tooth

P5M 5 1.95 3.5
P8M 8 3.20 5.5