Synchronous Belt Elastic Coupling Series

by Shopupup com on Aug 08, 2023

Synchronous Belt Elastic Coupling Series

Jiaoma synchronous belt elastic coupling is an active dry coupling without lubrication.
Timing belt couplings are considered a strong, efficient positive coupling for absorbing load pulsations and shocks. Not only recommended for general use, but also for troublesome situations where other types of couplings are difficult to handle.

Timing belt flexible couplings connect two shafts that are subject to misalignment and axial movement, and relieve the stresses that can arise with rigid couplings.

High Shock Resistance: Torsional resilience is high enough to absorb load pulsations and shocks
Misalignment: In normal use, the coupling will run with 7 1/2 degrees of axial misalignment without significantly reducing life due to endless
thrust : Structure designed to prevent the transfer of lateral thrust from one shaft to another
Streamlined design: Small diameter, large capacity, no protruding parts, providing maximum safety
Ease of installation: "Visual" shaft alignment, no need for precise measurement
Low cost : Low initial cost and low maintenance due to simplified design.